Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Airbnb violated their own refund policies, and effectively took $2,627.43 from me for their error.

We had a guest book an extended stay with us for multiple months, starting on Jan 2nd, 2022. When they booked, we offered to greet them, and help with anything they needed upon arrival. They never contacted us during the two weeks that they stayed in our home – therefore it was a surprise when they canceled abruptly without messaging on Jan 16th (we thought maybe their new place was ready, as they were staying with us in between homes).

It was an even bigger surprise when they message us another two weeks later complaining that our home was not clean (we had other guests stay recently without issue) and demand a refund (we already provided a partial refund automatically due to the early cancelation). I don’t believe their complaints were at all justified, and some of the things they claimed were outright false.

I called Airbnb support immediately to discuss with them, and they confirmed that as the guests had stayed with us two weeks without communicating anything, that there was no refund due to them, because Airbnb’s policies any complaint had to be made within 24hrs of initial check in, and the guests did not message until more than two weeks of actually staying there without issue. The support member considered the issue closed, and closed the ticket.

Within a couple of days I received a note from a different support team member, as I suppose the guest had called in to speak with them. AGAIN, they mentioned that the guest was not eligible for a refund per their policies, and that they would be closing the case. They said there was no documentation from the guest, and either way the claim was made much too late.

To my astonishment, this support rep mentioned another week later, and out of the blue messages me that they have reviewed documentation (of which there was none), and that they have decided to refund the guest an additional $2,627.43, which is more than even the cost accrued of the two week stay. When I told them they had TWICE previously closed this case, saying that no refund was owed, and asking for additional details, they refused to share anything. No proof of documentation, no explanation of how they came to that amount, no clarifying of Airbnb policy that both members had previously quoted me about why a refund was not eligible (any complaints need to be within 24hrs of check in), no proof that they even refunded the amount to the guest and didn’t keep it for themselves (though I will give them benefit of the doubt here).

I was furious. Absolutely zero transparency, reneging on multiple previous promises, violating their own policies, and effectively stealing money from us hosts. I’ve had numerous issues with Airbnb support, usually due to them not taking action against unruly guests, but I understand they have limited power there. Here, in a case that was extremely clear by their own admitted policies, they come to an unjust and hypocritical decision, and provide no context and simply close the case and ignore me.

I would like to pursue the amount that they unjustly took from me, in $2,627.43, and additional amounts for the stress and emotional toll this has caused in the time and effort in took to try to resolve this with multiple support teams, and then via legal action.

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Daly City | Read more Airbnb complaints

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