CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

What CenturyLink did:
December 16th we were promised 20 MBPS through CenturyLink.

January 13th we were supposed to have the internet installed. It was not installed.

February 10th the internet was supposed to be scheduled for install. Once again it was not installed. It was rescheduled for February 24th.

I also had a date of completion being March 2nd. Now I am being told April 1st.

My wife works from home and has to have 20MBPS. We were promised this internet prior to purchasing our new home. Her job is now being threatened and CenturyLink has already cost me close to 1000 dollars from taking time off of work as well as extending our closing date on our old house.

Had CenturyLink told us they couldn’t provide us internet we wouldn’t have closed on the house but they told us it would be installed January 13th which it wasn’t.

We put 35,000 dollars down on the house and we will not be able to afford the house without my wife’s income. Which will ultimately lead to foreclosure.

Internet to be expedited as a top priority.

Submitted by: Anonymous CenturyLink customer in Laquey | Read more CenturyLink complaints

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