Chase Claim for Compensation

Chase Claim for Compensation

What Chase did:
Every time I deposit a check into my account they ALWAYS put a hold on it. This last time I called the writer if the check to contact their bank to release the funds and they sent me documentation that the checks had cleared already and the funds were taken but chase bank still wont give them to me. They also stopped my debit card from working so the money I already had in the account I also can not touch. This has caused me to miss work. It caused me to lose 3 work orders altogether. This loss equals to $5500 and this is just with the last week. The overall lose from their screwed up ways have caused me to lose @#$%&! near $25000. They are driving me to insanity and they need to STOP. I want the money they caused me to lose and I want the money that legally should already be mine so I can close this account and be done with them for good

I want them to pay for what they forced me to lose which equals $25000

Submitted by: Anonymous Chase customer in Foley | Read more Chase complaints

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