PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
On 06/24/21 my Bill Payment Provider sent a check in the amount of $238.70 for deposit to my PayPal account per mailing instructions provided by the PayPal website. I was informed that PayPal gave them a different address that I had provided.

The check was void after 90 days from the 06/24/21 issue date. Through PayPal negligence they made no attempt to cash this check or credit my account until 09/29/21 which was after the check was automatically deemed void by the issuer. On 10/4/21 PayPal withdrew the money from my account because the bank returned the check unpaid due to its expiration. This withdrawal caused a negative account balance.

I asked PayPal for a courtesy credit from Mid-October until they restricted the account sending the negative balance for collections; which was sometime within the last week or so. This restriction may cause me a Resolution Center Claim of $917 because of an inability to interact with the Resolution Center and responding to the claim activities. Plus the unknown financial impact of not having access to my account.

I want PayPal to acknowledge that this entire situation is caused by their negligence and I want the collections activity cancelled, the courtesy credit applied to my account, full access restored to my account and Debit Card and amicable restitution for any impact that not having access to my account may have on the open claim in the Resolution Center.

Recognition that this was caused entirely by PayPal negligence and restitution of any adverse affect restricted account access has on my Resolution Center Claim.

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