Priceline Claim for Compensation

Priceline Claim for Compensation

What Priceline did:
I am really surprised at the behavior of the employees at Priceline. When I called and attempted chat numerous times, while I was reconciling my personal accounts, the strangest things kept occurring. Several Live Agents managed to stay in ‘typing limbo’ never actually saying anything. Then mysteriously, they would just disappear. I did not know what could have happened. After all that, I decided to Call instead and a young man was ever so pleasant, listening to me and even started that he totally understand what I was telling him. But then, he came back to me on the phone saying things like: Our Policy and when You Cancel…

That was extremely curious to me and unrelated to our conversation, during which, I explained to him in concise detail what’d transpired when a Live Priceline Agent assisted with my hotel booking. During which the Priceline employee made an honest mistake and double booked for the same stay, same dates. December 8-10, 2021 Baymont hotel booking numbers
$157.58 446-465-812-79 and $175.08 482-177-293-45.

I realized, that I truly had no time to waste and did not wish that he waste his nor other Priceline customers time. So, I interrupted his script and told him as much in concern to mention of a cancellation ~ that been not been of issue and had Not ever happened. Also, Then I thought, I’m sure he is not able to explain to me what Priceline’s Policy would be for their Employee making a Mistake to My Detriment and yeah, I really didn’t have time for that…

So he decided he’s going to get me assistance with another department that could be of better help. While I held on her informed that he’d sent an Email to another Employ1ee and is Transferring me over to that Employee. After him doing so someone picked up the call but there was no communication I held on until the caller or call dropped after 10 mins of holding on… Yeah.

These funds were allocated to our sponsored children. So, I was unable to cover the children’s mich needed assistance. We are Sponsors of 4 Children with the Save the Children oragnization.

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