T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
Below is the letter I mailed to T-Mobile a lot more has happen including the store representative stating I went to the store in person January 27th and handed my drivers license when I never was there. I need help this is unacceptable:

I am writing this letter today in response to the horrible customer experience I’ve had to deal with. On December 23rd 2021 I went to the T-Mobile located at {{ address hidden }} Yonkers NY 10705. I was seen by the mobile expert by the name of Sam (sales rep #568). I went into the store with the intention of getting a new device and trading in my old one as there was a promotion going on. I stated I did not have the iPhone 11 that I would be trading in with me at the moment ,he stated he can do with the deferred trade and stated I would be able to take home the iPhone 13 and send over the iPhone 11 via mail once I receive a shipping label via email. In the process of this I needed to get a device for my father who is on my plan and Sam explained that there was a promotion going on where I qualified for a free smartphone he stated with the free smart phone I would also be receiving a free DIGITS line along with an additional line he stated these were all promotions that had to do with my plan and I would be receiving them at no charge and will simply be paying the taxes for the device but will not be paying monthly.
I later went home and looked at my account on T-Mobile and realized that Sam did not put my iPhone 13 as a trade-in. Instead he made it look as if I just simply took a device out and paid the taxes and will be paying monthly for the device. When I contacted the store I asked to speak with Sam he explain that I can come the following day. Unfortunately the following day was Christmas eve and Christmas day I went to the store December 26 where Sam avoided me and instead sent over a different mobile expert to help me with my situation. The mobile expert explained that Sam did indeed make an error but that there was nothing they could do other than charge me a restocking fee repaying the taxes for the phone and redoing the transaction all over again. I explained to the mobile expert that I did not want to get my account credited and to pay the restocking fee because the money I had at the moment was for other things that I had to

handle. The manager then decided to go to the back room and communicate with the mobile experts without my presence explaining that the only option I had was a credit when this was not an error that was made on my end it was actually on the employees end. I ended up leaving the store after paying my restocking fee and leaving the phone there I called T-mobile they were able to credit my account and help me with this no thanks to the store manager. Fast forward to January 25, 2022. It has been a month since I’ve been at the store. I look at my bill and my bill is over $250 higher than what it is supposed to be. When I contacted customer service they explained to me that this is because somebody changed my plan and backdated it from my last store visit. I have never once authorized , had any questions , or inquired to change my plan. I very much know how T-mobile works. I spent two years working for T-mobile specifically wireless vision. Me and Sam never once nor any other store representative never once communicated about changing my plan or backdating anything all I was doing was getting new devices and unfortunately I was taken advantage of luckily I was able to take a notice of what was going on and contact the customer service and resolve the issue but I’m writing this letter because I am from the area where the store is located. This area is predominantly minorities and elderly people and the fact that an employee can take advantage of a 23 year old female I can only imagine what they would do to elderly people or people with language barriers who are not aware of what goes on with their account. I hope this matter is not taken lightly and that it will be taken seriously and looked into as a serious matter. This is considered fraud and it is all just for a couple extra dollars in his commission. I am not OK with this. I have six years with Tmobile, never had such an issue with fraud on my account until now. This is so disappointing and I wish there was another company that I can move to right now with all the people on my line so I can end my business with Tmobile because this is unacceptable taking advantage of loyal customers.

Committed fraud on my account

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