T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
They told a lot of ppl that once we got the new T-Mobile 5 g sims card we would NOT have to upgrade to NEW cell paying for a new cell and having a new two year contract on phone . I have paid off this iPhone 7 s over 1 years ago . So why did they lie saying after March my cell will no longer work . Over 1000 almost 2000 for a new cell . On a two yr contact when your cell phone bill is only 61 dollars a month and now with two yr contact it will be over 134 dollars to pay big jump I must say . Pandemic everyone is trying to survive now . You can’t drive a cell or eat a cell phone . Cost is up as well on gas food everything. But I am not stupid . But t mobile is they lie and it’s not sprint who I had since 2007 fault it’s the merger . That happened. All my family are saying they going else where’s as well they were loyal Sprint customers as well . Breaks my heart that this t mobile employees have to hear the complaints and have no clue what company they are truly working for .the thing is I had a perfect 7 plus iPhone and they are making ppl buy out of pocket cells they offer the iPhone 11 in which there’s none in stock at any stores . Which means you gotta get another one that cost . Unfair yes . Nothing wrong with our phones just aren’t compatible with the 5 g net work towers. Now I asked in July about will I have to get a new cell and the guy informed me no you would not got the 5 g sims card you will be good to go WRONG come this pass Thursday calling about my bill and the lady informed me I had to get a new cell due to come March 31 my cell will be not a 5 g I got the 5 g sims card so what’s the problem. She said it’s the antenna in your cell it’s only a 4 g . 8 hrs on the phone on and off and had to fork out 77.39 a pain in the butt and a huge headache called 6 stores I do not live near a t mobile store all were Out OF STOCK. On iPhone 11 why offer a free phone when they have none . And I mean not a one in stock . Which is mess !
And it seems to me they lied from day one in July till now .
And my new cell was suppose to be here Saturday called they said Sunday now I call Sunday it will be here Monday more lies upon lies

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