Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
Every month we pay a service charge plus insurance to cover our phones. We also pay extra for screen repair service. At no time have we been able to use the $25 screen repair service yet pay every month for the service. There is a lack of correspondence between the Verizon stores, Verizon online and the insurance company, Asurion. Every time we get a slight crack in our screen, instead of being able to actually use the cracked screen service, we are told that whatever phone needs ,it is not covered by the extra insurance, so we must send it in to Asurion which cost a $200 deductable, and sent a refurbished phone, not a brand new phone, the payment does not go down to help offset the fact we are not receiving a new phone. Now they are charging me full price for a phone that was lost, I can’t afford the $200 deductable to replace it so they attached $800 to this months bill, even though they do not carry the phone, the LG WING, any longer so my replacement would not be the same kind of phone. We pay about $600 a month which does not go towards paying off the phones, we are drowning to this billion dollar company and their false advertising, false insurance coverage are the main reasons. Please help us.

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