I have purchased a few phone chargers I had a problem with I emailed them to see if they could warranty it got no response so again so I tried 1 more time they sent me info for purchasing their products so I emailed them again and they sent me more info on the products and purchasing so l sent them another email they finally responded kinda with the question what is your email address so I responded with the address after that no reply and I waited now it’s been 2 1/2 weeks so now I notified them again with my email address 4 days later they sent me another sales info so I responded with them here’s my email here’s my problem they gave me a email address ******@*****.*** so I sent them the same thing about this issue they responded that they didn’t have any email address I responded this was not correct you have been emailed me 6 times now and I told them the problem again and they wanted a picture of the charger with model # sn# and a copy of the sales slip so I did that,so I boxed up the charger and waited heard nothing 4 more days I email them again they said they would see if I want a copy of my email okay why so I get 1 copt email after 8 then I get a long list of their return policy and I read it okay no problem I did what they wanted so I requested a address and a return authorization # they sent me a copy of the the same letter about warranty information I’m not happy I wrote all I want is to have this taken care of and I said I am running a small business and I was thinking of buying some items but if they treat a common retail customer no way I could have their products wow I got a email within 24 hours they wanted me to send it in so they could investigate the problem and they will let me know but they wanted a copy of the receipt and the product so I sent a copy of the product itself well they said I bought from a company that resellers of the product I asked if walmart was not supposed to sell the product no response but they didn’t let me know so here I am there’s a lot more

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