TracFone Bad Customer Support

TracFone Bad Customer Support

What TracFone did:
There is not enough room to describe the numerous debacles which occur with EVERY transaction. They have basically stolen from me by not honoring what i have paid for (I have the receipts they sent me which include what i bought, yet they will not honor this, won’t accept my offer to send the receipts to “prove” what they themselves have acknowledged. They will hang up on you – i’ve had this happen many times. like i said, NUMEROUS, EGREGIOUS PROBLEMS. OUTRIGHT FRAUD, ETC.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund for the crap phone they said i needed (turns out this was untrue, my phone did not need upgrading), a monetary refund for 40+ hours of my time ($1200. is a conservative number) which resulted in ZERO solutions. I am talking about many – always bad, interactions over the years. THEY OWE ME!

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