citi Complaint

citi Complaint

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Claim 1
$2,000 fraudulent transaction in ATM from Dec 1 not being returned by Citibank Fraudster was able to activate card by calling citi line, giving them wrong address and still be able to change PIN Fraudster took money in San Jose ATM Citi opened multiple inquiries but rejected each of them while all fault for the fraudulent transaction is on Citi as they helped activate the card on the phone I demand full refund of $2,000 fradulent ATM withdrawal with punitive damages on top

How can your complaint be satisfactorily addressed?
full refund of $2,000 fradulent ATM withdrawal & Punitive damages 20,000 to punish Citi for bad customer experience and bad processes

Claim 2
Bonus $1500 must be paid for keeping over $200,000 with Citibank for 60 days Customer service agent confirmed bonus would be paid by January (I have copy of chat communications with agents) but now the bank is changing terms and saying eligibility is only 60 days after day 20 This directly contradicts previous communications and the bank never made it clear till which date money should stay for bonus eligibility Bonus must be paid
How can your complaint be satisfactorily addressed?
$1,500 bonus & $15,000 punitive damages for deceptive communications and multiple hours and rounds of contesting the decisions. Awful quality of customer service

Claim 3
$137,000 frozen in Citi account after fraud incident since Dec 2021 and Citi makes it impossible to withdraw funds

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Puerto Rico | Read more citi complaints

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