MPG Caliper Company Complaint

MPG Caliper Company Complaint

What MPG Caliper Company did:
I order Caliper covers for my 2022 Dodge Dorango! I got the custom covers For the R/T model. The website did not distinguish between the R/T black top or just the R/T. The covers won’t fit!

I call and spoke to the tech (Marisol *****) that rudely advised that they do not make covers for the Dodge Dorango R/T black top but there website is misleading as it says they make calipers for Dodge Dorango R/T and does not distinguish any differences! That is deceptive as I never knew the difference and the site only says it makes the R/T calipers.

Now they will not refund me because they don’t fit! Unexceptionable

I’m 100% disabled Vet and can not afford to be cheated out of money

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated !

Robert *****

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Submitted by: Anonymous in North Carolina | Read more MPG Caliper Company complaints

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