Straight Talk Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Straight Talk Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What Straight Talk did:
I bought a straight talk sim card kit at Walmart. I activated the card and it worked for a month. Then I could not renew my plan as the brand new sim card was deemed invalid with their new upgrade. I spoke to numerous people who refused to help. All they did was tell me about the new upgrade (as if I did not know) and try to sell me new sim cards and even a phone. They would even infer I did not understand how a sim card worked. I wanted them to explain why invalid cards they knew would not work with their upgrade were being sold at Walmart. All people I spoke to refused to answer and tried to get me to get a new plan. After hours and hours on a borrowed phone and being transferred multiple times to different people, I spoke to corporate office. They were worse than the techs. I decided to leave straight talk and asked for them to release my number. Straight talk refused and said my number was inactive. I tried numerous times to tell them it was inactive because the sim card bought was no good and I could not renew my plan unless I bought another sim card that they could not guarantee would work. I tried on the phone and online but every time I tried to renew my plan they said I had to buy another sim card. I just had paid 45. 00 a month earlier for a card so the invalid card was new . I contacted Walmart who were no help, do not care, and unresponsive to this issue. I contacted 23 people at straight talk and they were not willing to help unless I gave them more money. One lady then said she would give me a free card and a one month plan to activate my number and then I could port my number to my new carrier. After thinking this was resolved she then rescinded the offer and said “you do not qualify” after already offering me the free card and plan. No explanation why I did not qualify so it seemed as though she was playing a game and just treating me like crap. Then she transferred me. The next person created a NTP so I could port my number. Then transferred me to another person who claimed he could create a pin and then I could have my number ported. I did not get the email he said I would get. He then transferred me to yet another person who claimed the pin was not created and then he said he could do nothing and I was transferred yet again. The next guy said he could create a pin and then changed his story to say that I could not get the email unless I bought a new plan with straight talk. They are holding my number hostage until I pay them more money. THIS IS A SCAM for money. I said I am not buying another sim card from walmart as they are bogus cards with their update. He then transferred me to another person. This guys was rude and was not responsive on the phone. I do not think he was even listening as I had to repeat my issue more than once and when I asked questions he did not answer until I yelled HELLO. It sounded like a TV in the background. Then he would make comments that were useless about the situation. He did nothing to help. He only stated that he could not help unless I paid Straight talk more money and bought another worthless sim card. This all seems very fraudulent. They are selling sim cards that are NOT valid with their update. They know this but continue to take people’s money anyway. Then they cancel your sim card forcing you to buy another one. I am already out 90.00 but they do not care. They are rude and refuse to help you unless you give more money. This company is a scam. I even tried to look up the CEO/owner but it is impossible to contact him as the site takes you to another site. He is the owner and needs to be held accountable for this farce with the sim cards. This company needs to be looked at as they are ripping off people.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Release my number immediately so I can go to another carrier. I currently have no phone and a health issue. I cannot even call 911 if I need to because they canceled my number because I could not, even though I tried several times to renew my plan, renew a plan because of the bogus straight talk sim card that was sold to me by walmart was only good for a month.

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