Conn Appliances Complaint

Conn Appliances Complaint

What Conn Appliances did:
I call conns cs Monday April 3rd to cancel a $1600 payment and make a $200. During that call I also set up a month draft of $200 to be draft out until the payments were finished. The young lady canceled the $200 payment and did not cancel the $1600. I need the money to pay fir my mother inlaws funeral. I had to the not pay my mortgage or credit cards payment as well as borrow money from people in order to pay for my mother in-laws funeral. I am no out last fees and interest not to mention the damage it has done to my credit. I have still yet to receive the refund I was promised including in compensation I have requested after all everyday for the past week since they took the money out. My emotional damage of this has cause me to gain weight. I have lost work because of this. I have had to beg any and everyone for money which I never do. I have been hung up on and lied to over and over again. They promised to call me. I missed on call because I was dealing with the life insurance people and when I called back the made another ticket for me to be call. I answered and said hello about 10 times. Then someone said hello back and the hung up. So I called back and requested another call which never came. And I have been call back everyday since with no calls. I will be going to the corporate location to inform them that I will now be taking legal action against them.

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