KeyBank Complaint

KeyBank Complaint

What KeyBank did:
Keybank denied all my disputes even though I had evidence showing I was in the hospital with injuries that almost killed me. I first tried a disputes for unauthorized transactions on 11/23/2021 when I was some what able to speak even though I was advised not to. So on December 8th or 9th I had noticed when I checked my keybank online account I was able to still login with the card that keybank was supposed to inactivate but didn’t. I called Keybank on 12/09/2021 and I talked to an Alex ***** who said he couldn’t find anything about any disputes I had filed and would deactivated my card and send me a new one. My sister in-law had brought me mail from my house that same day and the card I had requested for on 11/23/2021 had arrived I told Alex ***** this and he had no clue how that could have been but couldn’t see no disputes. I was then told I had to reconnect with keybanks fraud line, so I did later that day. When I called I was asked to verify my identity which I failed and the lady who helped me said I could send in documents to the mail she had given to me. So I email my documents and get a reply that the email address was for a different part of keybank. So I call keybank back and the next lady gives me an email and a fax number so I send through email and fax my documents to verify my identity. I never hear back. I had called keybank about 7 or 8 times. I had gave my sister in-law permission to speak on my behalf and she was also given the run around. Finally on February 21st a customer service agent at keybank helped me file my unauthorized transactions disputes. I had explained to her that I was in an accident the last time I used my card was at a Macy’s and that when I logged into my account for keybank I could see where the fraud took place cause an hour after I left Macy’s a second charge was posted to my account which shouldn’t have been. Then in March I get denied all my disputes and again Alex ***** writes me a letter stating how they came to my denied disputes is from conflicting information. None of my information has been conflicting. How is almost dying in a car accident and someone stealing my money while I was in the hospital conflicting. My story never changed and I sent in 2 police reports and my hospital papers that shows I was in the hospital and actually in 2 different hospital from October 2021 through January 2022 and what my injuries where. I did nothing wrong and just want my money back.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Michigan | Read more KeyBank complaints

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