Cash App Complaint

Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did:
I used to use Cash App but in January I removed it from my phone. Then on Jan 28th there were 3 transitions totaling $4000, I did not notice them, and was not alerted by Chase bank. Then between 3/7/22 – 3/22/22 there were 12 transactions totaling $14,610.
oN 4/11 – $4000 via Zelle, re moved Zelle with Chase. 4/15/22 $4400 via zelle.

I filed a dispute with Cash app and they have declined my case. Cashapp also instructed me to make a new account since I could not recover the other account that was hijacked. I could not recover the account as my information had been changed. This furthered the issue.

On top of that they give an insane run around when you try to talk to them about a case and you have to contact support via the app.

The denial was this: We compared the transaction you brought to our attention with your account history. Based on the information you provided, our investigation led us to determine that this transaction(s) was authorized by you or someone you authorized to use your credentials, and no error occurred. As a result, your claim has been denied and closed.” I am being led around by CashApp and it is clear I did not make the payments or authorize them.

Lastly, they said they cannot find the transactions, but yet the CVhase investigation was told that they were legitimate transactions. They were not, the other party where the money went to was also hacked, basically, it appears to be a triangulation to fraudulently move money around.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Submitted by: Anonymous in Arizona | Read more Cash App complaints

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