Collier Companies Complaint

Collier Companies Complaint

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Collier Companies
Gainesville, FL 32608

RE: Leadership vs Figure Head

“Retaliatory Process”
“Possible Retaliatory Eviction”
“No Reasonable Intervention”
“Tenant Right to Have Residence in Reasonable Condition and Code-Compliant”

Ms. Anaijah ***** requested a meeting with corporate officials as matters of action to residence Laurels Apartment Complex .

Parenthetically, it is an error for Laurel Apartment management to refuse or claim that “I refused to cooperate” with it. Presently, I have not filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as to the above regards in hopes a meeting of the minds would resolve the mistakes by management.

Prior and specifically, it was my position on March 18, to April 6, 2022 to resolve this matter with such dwellings and it is still my position today that Deceptive and Unfair Practices Act (Chapter 501, Part II Fla. Stat.) which exists today be resolved. Since my arrival Laurels has (3 to 4) management changes with management wearing two hats or engaging in “moonlighting activities” which it fails to adequately manage the lease.

A “competent team” has to be experienced to relate with all types of complaints and people who, traditionally, are able to investigate a matter on an ad hoc basis. Jason and/or Angela do not fit the bill. They sought to designate opposition toward me thus possible extension of (1) the lease provided for the recovery of liquidated damages, under certain fact specific conditions, instead of those damages set forth in §83.595 Fla. Stat. and/or (2) the lease provisions violated this Court’s holding in , 573 So2d 326(Fla. 1991).

Although evidence existed of extensive repairs being required in the apartment since my move in day, no response or court order exists requiring the landlord to comply with the Rental Code. On the other hand, my visit to Collier Companies March 18th 2022, should require me as a tenant to defray to the landlord the amount for non-repairs. No completed repairs have been made in the apartment since June 2021. Now because of our complaint, there is no subsequent offer of a renewal lease or fair well recommendation to qualify for another apartment complex.

Herein, I state that Jason and Angela continue to engage in baseless proceedings to wrongfully handle matters or evict tenants: management is also unwilling to remedy its own violations.

I request that corporate intervene in the above-mentioned and when the representation of the persons (my family) interest is or made adequate then a person is or may be bound by the judgment.

Anaijah *****

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