Straight Talk Complaint

Straight Talk Complaint

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I bought a new Straight Talk phone at Wal Mart. The phone was defective and Straight Talk told me to send it to them and they would send another phone. This was in March 2022. It is now April 2022 and no phone or refund or communication from anyone. I spent $165 on the phone, as well as $34.11 on shipping through UPS. I just stayed on the phone for right at an hour with a Straight Talk manager. She did nothing, and then hung up on me. I have had to take something for anxiety now and it is a alot to do with Straight Talk and their terrible customer service. I will not call them again, but I what them to pay for all the anxiety, stress, time and money they have cost me.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Tennessee | Read more Straight Talk complaints

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