T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
Good day, my apologies for DISTURBING anyone soooooooo early this Saturday morning, but I am at the end of my rope with T-MOBILE and I want OUT ASAP! During the pandemic when AMERICA completely shut down. Companies such as T-MOBILE gave grace periods of UP to 60 days for customers to pay their bills. I’ve been with T-MOBILE for almost 7 years. When this pandemic first happened my bill was late. I had setup a payment plan and was making my payments.

When the shut down happened I was LAID OFF. I called T- MOBILE to advise them of what happened. To make a long story short I was NOT one of those CUSTOMERS that was CHOSEN to receive that grace period. I KNOW three other people who have or had T-MOBILE during the time and their PHONES REMAINED ON DIRING THE SHUTDOWN WITHOUT PAYING their bills. After finding out about this info, I definitely expressed my frustration and concern with T-MOBILE on how they treated me!!!!!

Fast forward to 2 years later…………. I’m STILL paying 300 dollars a month in late fees, surcharges and so called Restore fees after being told certain fees would be waived. Although some were, NOT ALL that I was told would be waived was granted. I don’t understand how i’m paying $300 a month towards a phone bill that should only be a $100.00, and I’ve been paying that amount for the past TWO YEARS!!!!!!! I know i’ve been over-charged for fees, surcharges etc… I’ve been disrespected on the phone and at stores by associates and have complained. Documentation can be provided. They’ve mislead me numerous times, hung up on me, lied to me about waiving fees etc….

This morning at 6:55am CST. I called T-MOBILE customer service to pay my BILL. Once again I pay my bill, but still receive a text message saying it didn’t go through. After making sure my credit card was UNLOCKED, I told the associate to process my payment. All of this was done BEFORE I received that text message saying the payment wasn’t processed! I called back and ask to speak with a supervisor to once again express my frustration and be done with my plan all together.

The associate put me on hold while she looked for a supervisor. Once Bryan got on the call I expressed very briefly that I want out, no more tying to figure out solutions. At this time the phone call was suddenly. disconnected. Bryan called back but I expressed to him that I did not want to talk anymore and that I will be reaching out to an attorney.

ALL of this has harmed me financially and emotionally, because I feel trapped, stuck and obligated to pay my bill because my cell phone service is imperative to my job. I’ve asked numerous times to get out of this situation because there are times I HAVE TO PAY MY CELL BILL over other bills just so I can work, and sometimes those other bills are effected by me being able to pay them on time. Bills such as my car note, my electric bill ( living in WI that’s a major problem for me) credit card bills, etc……Having that anxiety about whether you’re going to pay your phone bill that should be affordable, or your car note or electric bill is just highly unacceptable and unnecessary, I feel mistreated and definitely feel like there’s been some consumer law violations for sure. I can’t describe how much T-MOBILE has stressed me out in the past 2 years. There’s numerous recorded complaints of me expressing my feelings, and YET STILL PAYING 300 ******* dollars for the past two years on a phone bill plan that’s 100 dollars!!!!!!!

Please advise me on addressing this matter. Thank you for your time.

* I can be reached at ***-***-**** or by email ******@*****.***

Shantell *****

I want to sue for financial pain and suffering. To know i’m an American and paying all these ridiculous amount of fees that I know have been wrongfully added to my bill to a non- American owned company is embarrassing. I feel betrayed and want out of T-Mobile and I WANT ALL of my money back if I can. Debts and inaccurate credit reports will be removed as well. Invoices for violations on my credit profile pertaining to T-mobile will be sent out.


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