Citi bank Complaint

Citi bank Complaint

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It’s been over two months and citi bank has giving me a complete nightmare , iI have called this company so many times , that I understand the procedures and nodes on there computer. No one comprehends or remotely care about my problems , they have handled me so unprofessional that I wanted my account closed so we did that , I even got the letter in the mail stating so .So I finally feel like I’m talking to a supervisor or someone with knowledge and he tells me they closed my account and Sent my money on the 17th, so I said ok cool , it’s been 64 days exactly since the 17th and still can’t get a straight answer ..I just want to end this relationship with this bank . This all started from a transfer that I tried to confirm but they didn’t listen .. no one in that branch is professional , especially the customer service ..they all have different info and nun of them are on the same page or really care or passionate about they job .

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more Citi bank complaints

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