Citibank Complaint

Citibank Complaint

What Citibank did:
I opened a checking account with Citibank on March 16th, 2022. I was told that a debit card would be mailed to me within 15 days. I assigned my direct deposit from my employer to this account, only I NEVER received a debit card. The only way I could access my money was to zelle it to my daughter’s checking account, and have her cash app it to me. The only problem with that is, Zell does have daily limits so I was not able to do this in one transaction, but rather had to make several small transactions. Citibank would lock my account each and every time I attempted to make a Zelle transaction to my daughters account. Which means I would have to call them to have my account unlocked which is fine, however they refuse to authenticate my account with me. They would ask me questions that I had never set up on my account, and when I clearly couldn’t get the answers correct because these were questions that I had not created, they didn’t even try to authenticate the account with me another way even though I had already gone through the automated system with my Social Security number. After two weeks of this headache I finally was able to get a hold of somebody and decided to close out my account. I close out the account I was advised that my remaining balance would be sent to me via check within 14 days. I never received a check from Citibank. So basically this was a pointless account for me to open I couldn’t even use it and it was never sent a debit card, and I also never received my refund from them when I decided to close my account. This was, without a doubt, the worst banking experience I have ever had. I need my money back from Citibank.

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