DoorDash Complaint

DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did:
Im top dasher all my stats are above 90% 4.9 rating. I went from $500 a week to $150 a week. Im performed dasher for 3 local businesses. The last month I’ve set in Hotspot zones and my 3 designated spots .. I’ve watched over 7 new dasher picking up orders that were ment for me. The store owners are asking where I been and orders are getting stolen.

I called customer service 5 different times in the same day was transfered to the wrong department 3 times . The next 2 gave me the run around and was told to change my password, delete app reinstall and should fix the problem. Done it .. she said to stay on schedule even tho I’m top dasher and can choose my schedule . More excuses than that. I drove to and from hot spots for hours wasting gas. On top of that if I decline an order im waiting for an hour or more and have txt notification proof of all incoming orders accepted and declined. Way more to go into detail. Been dashing since November. Top dasher since December… never below 85% on any stats.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in West Virginia | Read more DoorDash complaints

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