Uber Complaint

Uber Complaint

What Uber did:
I’ve recently provided enough information to Uber, where they were able to research payment activity and see that I had a $5.00 tip reduced to $3 and change, then reduced to $0. They apologized, compensated me for the missing $5.00 tip, and assured me that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen again after researching the information. However, just days later, I received an unusual tip in the amount of $300. That tip amount was reduced to $3.00. I received a message in the inbox at my driver’s account explaining that there was a system error which showed a wrong tip amount. Due to past and recent activities, I’m not confident that the unusual tip amount I received was due to a system error. I attempted to resolve this concern with the Uber Support team, but they insisted that they don’t see the details of the specific ride information nor the message they sent to my driver’s account inbox. They wouldn’t explain to me how they were sure that the tip I initially received was due a system error. They wouldn’t confirm whether or not the customer was contacted to verify the tip amount. Please help.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in North Carolina | Read more Uber complaints

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