California check cashing Complaint

California check cashing Complaint

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ex spouse Adult Protective Services file in computer database sf county aps dept of aging senior services dept human services london breed mayor sf #abuse case psychological physical emotional #financial etc SFPD SF VA MED CTR Dr John A ***** Head of Psychiatry called APS on the ex spouse golddigger mentally ill bipolar lgbt preys on seniors gays lgbt older ppl financial physical abuse ER visits due to beatings by ex spouse experian did not accept this as my complaint against natl credit adjusters llc from california check cashing forced to go into store money store payday loan store western union agent he scammed the clerks too said he lost funds and threatened me to stand up in line with mental ill fentenyal heroid smelly addicts of all ages on market st downtown sf close to twitter bldg at 7th and Market using my parastransit ada taxi to take us and to drug deals and left wing DA wont prosacute him he stole wells fargo debit card from antoher navy vet vietnam days posing as home healthcare worker cleaner cat feeder while vet was at sf va hospital and stole thousands from his checking acct stole all my funds and ruined my credit fico score 702 to 400 now 592 working on it att is removing the collection acct he messed up my telecom also does this to disabled vets with big disabiity pensions as he likes those have the funds for el chapo to take the LA and SF DA wont prosacute mentally ill addicts anymore and CA prisions jails realeasting same back into community to prey upon old ppl young ppl defenseless gays who cant fight back get beaten to death for snitching to anymore ER visits shot at et at no help from abuse ngos non profits here in SF county or LA period dangerous for anyone here in CA nowdays 2o22 attempting to get these collections off my file @ experian so i can rent an apt or place to #escape death by an insane serial killer the cops and DA wont investigate nor rein in these types of felons without any criminal record who look like middle class educated suburban ppl non sexual relationships with domestic partners for homeless as a christian good samaratin will get u murdered as mother mary ann ***** found out in oakland last year she fed the homelss from her kitchen SFR home for years per fox 2 ktvu livesteraming tv media staation @youtube murderd for soc sec check funds and not the food she fed the homeless in future i will never volunteer again for any non profit helping people whose goal is to take over your apt your life and nobody helps with a safe place nobody gay can survive with the hate david ***** the man who fell to earth

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