Cash App Complaint

Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did:
I filed my taxes threw cash app took long than expected but I got it I started paying bills but my card was declined haven’t used it all day and night so thought I put wrong pin or something still declined so I go to app it say $0.90 by that time I’m freaking out than I get text saying $1098.00 sent to a guy idk even know I text stop it’s not me than another $1000.00 gone I get a text than saying phone been unlinked so I call nothing I go an email say email been unlinked passwords pin everything changed unlinked I get back in to my app try to call chat I just get around I still haven’t talked to a real person all my money is gone it’s been over a week I can’t pay my bills or get truck fixed I have no where to turn my husband of 23 just passed I’m a widow now without a dime to my name soon not even a home or truck please help just want my money back it’s only rite I did not do this and cash app did nothing to help me or even talk to me

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Indiana | Read more Cash App complaints

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