Morgan properties Complaint

Morgan properties Complaint

What Morgan properties did:
They owe me three years rent.
I’m disabled and unable to tell you the entire story
In 2017 a work order.
Not fixed

Called code enforcement (bribed for years)
Property villages at Montpelier
Lease not renewed due to calling state of MD and crooked code enforcement
In addition I did not receive the correct deposit
I was supposed to receive in full

No heat, no a/c , flooding, human waste flooding , not fix or supply new appliances
Lies about amenities
Toxic mold
Ad nauseum
5000$ to find friends of Friends help pack and move during COVID. Illegal as rent paid in addition to retribution
In addition an employee wanted my apartment

1500$ plus util and could not live there!
We have photos
In addition to theft!
Short version!

Debbie *****

Tried every atty. Legal aide lawyer could not be bothered!
Do the math 1500 ish a month plus ratio util billing and util co

X three. Yearsin additionto compensation for cost of moving
And we need help putting my stuff away
I am disabled I have no office. I’m on a cell ***-***-**** in addition to assault and battery !I have PTSD from that place. Direct costs

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Maryland | Read more Morgan properties complaints

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