CenturyLink home phone service Complaint

CenturyLink home phone service Complaint

What CenturyLink home phone service did:
CenturyLink says that they provide home phone service in citra fl 32113 in Marion county fl they did credit check said I passed all checks then sent a contractor to hook up service. The contractor told company he could not hook up service because the phone company line out on street was in poor shape signal really bad but the line would have to be changed. To change this line would cost thousands to the phone company so the phone company’s verbal response to me is that they cannot provide me phone service at this time and don’t know when or ever they will be able to provide service. I was getting this phone hooked up for my 82 year old mother recently widowed my father was a navy veteran. She is the homeowner and lives by herself she blind in one eye and 40 percent in the other. The cellular signal is very bad in her area and no cable company options available thru cable wires. 10 other houses in the community are effected. Only satellite company can provide cable. To fix the problem I was forced to get Hughes net and had to subscribe to internet to get thier phone option costing me more then 80 dollars a month and then after 1 year costing me a 120.00 a month. CenturyLink has a deal with the county to provide phone service but will not replace the line cause it’s not profitable to them but won’t allow anyone else to provide service putting my 82 year old mother at risk for not being able to call for medical services if needed. Please help.

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