Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
I was mislead by a vivint salesperson of the capabilities of vivint cameras I was told that they have built in batteries and cellular service to where if internet or power go offline they would still work but they don’t. My system hasn’t worked properly since day one nor did I receive all the equipment I was supposed to receive. I reached out to vivint through chat two days after the equipment was installed to cancel the service because I was not happy I was told I would need to call in the next day to cancel. I called in 4 days after the installation to cancel the service. I was told that my time frame to cancel the service with no penalty expired the day before I explained I was still within the time frame of the date listed on the notice of cancelation I received from them the rep had me email the form over to her to which then she said that the date is invalid and accused me of changing it I explained that it was a pdf document I couldn’t change it. She then told me it was a typo its nothing they can do about it.

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