Goldman Sachs Marcus Bad Customer Support

Goldman Sachs Marcus Bad Customer Support

What Goldman Sachs Marcus did:
Capitol One sold our GM card to Marcus.
We requested a paper invoice, Marcus agreed, then emailed us to open an online bank account. We did not receive a paper statement and time to pay our bill lapsed. Marcus sent an email indicating our card had been frozen. I called, straightened it out, and received another email the next day saying our account was still frozen. 3 phone calls all stating the problem had been solved and it never was. Finally, a corporate executive administrator called saying the buck stops here and our problems were solved. Same email the next morning with card still frozen. We will pay our last invoice and return our cards cut up cancelling our card with Marcus. They took on 3 1/2 million customers from Capitol One and were unprepared for the acquisition. One hand does not know what the other is doing and communication is poor.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Issue final paper invoice which we intend to pay. With final payment we will return our cards thereby cancelling our account. We will ask for written confirmation that our account has been cancelled.

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