Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
We were told by sales rep that he was going to give us a 2 day trial to test the system even though we were not sure about it. He said that if we were not happy to call him within 2 days and they were going to cancel right away no fees charged. We called him within the 2 days because we can’t afford this expensive system. He said he would submitt the request to cancel right away. He even confirmed the next day. He said somebody would contact us to pick up the equipment. 4 days later nobody had contacted us so we called customer service to see what was taking so long. When we called, we found out apparently no request had been sent, and if we wanted to cancel we have to pay off the whole amount which is $3200. This company is a scam. The rep lied and said we did not have a contract and could cancel anytime which we found out is a lie. Now we are stuck with a system we never wanted in the first place and cannot afford. We don’t even use the system. It was the sales rep’s fault for not submitting the necessary paperwork within the trial time and we are being penalized for it.

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