TurboTax Complaint

TurboTax Complaint

What TurboTax did:
The bank account on file with TurboTax was closed, leading to them witholding my tax refund and stimulus check. I have reached out to them, their bank TPG, and Cavista Bank as well as the IRS. The IRS says there is nothing they can do as the money was deposited to TurboTax’s bank, TPG. I reach out to all the companies involved only to get ignored and thus have missed out on needed stimulus check money from over a year ago as well as my tax return from last year. Every contact information I have leads me in circles, I have emailed countless times only to be ignored and no one at any company seems to care at all that they have my money and are withholding it. I have filed a payment trace through the IRS to attempt to retrieve the money but at this point the entire affair of them ignoring my requests to resolve this issue have cause me great economic damage as they owed me 4000$ for over a year. No one acknowledges they have my stimulus check except for the IRS and no one has ever tried to reach out to resolve the issue. Despite me constantly emailing their customer support and calling at least 30 times to each cog in the wheel I have been screwed over and lost valuable money that was designed to help those at the bottom of the ladder economically. I didn’t choose to have my stimulus check go through their bank, the IRS coupled with them to distribute payments. I chose to file my taxes with them only to be screwed over in the same exact way. They are holding my money without any way to properly distribute it to me and no one takes me seriously or responds to countless emails trying to tell them ” Hey you guys don’t have a bank account of mine to give my money, let me update the one on file and give me what I am owed”

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Pennsylvania | Read more TurboTax complaints

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