Asap Credit Repair Complaint

Asap Credit Repair Complaint

What Asap Credit Repair did:
for the better part of the year I have been locked out of my credit lock out of my life and unable to extend my life financially due to ASAP CREDIT SOLUTIONS. They have never contacted me it’s always me that engage the contact asking what’s going on. I have lost employment opportunities I have lost employment I have lost the ability to get another job I have lost ability to open up a checking account I’ll because they have locked my credit I paid them over $700 to fix my credit and to the date my credit and all three credit bureaus has gone down so far down that my Equifax credit is now a number four and that’s it the deal was they were going to fix my credit get my credit back on track and raise my credit score that was their pitch that was their contract there was six rounds and after the sixth round they said they promised me that I would have my credit back on and the date they promised that was May 16 it is now May 17 and nothing has been done nobody has called me and nothing is back on however they have the audacity to ask me to pay for so they can view my credit which is probably owned by them too so they nickel and dime you for seven months because you pay in all the time after you’ve already paid them $700. This company is a scam they don’t do what they claim it doesn’t work I have filed with the Better Business Bureau I have filed with two attorneys one in California and one in Arizona on negligence and criminal because what they have done is considered an under the fraud umbrella I have informed everybody on social media all platforms this cannot continue I have contacted five other credit repair companies and even they are appalled at what they heard because it makes everyone else look bad. Now they will be forced to show every single instant they did in repairing my credit, they will be forced to divulge there relationship with they will be forced ti show each instance of there initiated contact ftom October 2021 to May 16 2022 they will be forced to answer for poor customer service and follow up. They will be made to compensate for my loss in wages, inability to secure more employment, inability to rent a car, open a checking account which per the emails they were made aware of 3 months ago and didn’t care. They locked me out of my credit and livelihood for 7+ months and then disappeared. unacceptable by any business standards

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Asap Credit Repair complaints

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