Cash App Complaint

Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did:
I made an account on my cell phone and when making my handle name for the account I made a typo and spelled my last name wrong by ONE letter but EVERYTHING else on the account is accurate. Well I lost my cell phone and ended up with a new number so I had to make a new account but this time without the typo and while I was waiting for my new cash app card to come in the mail I sent funds from my new account to my old one since I still had the cash app card for that account and when I went to use it I was informed that for some reason that card had been shut down even though I never requested for it to be and when I contacted them to retrieve my funds they said for security reasons they could not access those funds for me even though ALL information on file matched and even though the funds in fact came from my new account that had ALL matching information

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Washington | Read more Cash App complaints

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