Cash App Complaint

Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did:
I had a number of transactions on my account that were not mines! I had 2 cash app accounts. Both were hacked by someone who stole an old phone from me! A total of about 4-500$ was taken away from me! They also have turned my direct deposit’s around as well! I’ve contacted them immediately upon my account being hacked. I gave them all the info and screenshots as well as a possible suspect! I was denied! They ask me to send in proof of who I was and proof of my address! I did all of that numerous of times! I can now not use my cash app card nor receive any deposits because I was scammed and my accounts were hacked! They told me they didn’t have enough evidence which is a lie I gave them everything I knew conversation with the person I even suspected! This put me in the negative! I was not able to pay rent or anything! I’m disabled and on lots of meds! These ppl went as far as to going to the atm with my card and making transfers to other banks!

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Submitted by: Anonymous in South Carolina | Read more Cash App complaints

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