Chase Bank Complaint

Chase Bank Complaint

What Chase Bank did:
$149,900 SBA was deposited into my business account on 8/10/2020; On 8/11/2020, another $40,000, was deposited into my account. At the deposit of the funds chase closed my acct, reopen it showing $40,000, and immediately closed it again without any reason. After several letters [certified & priority] to chase, with no response. I took copies of the letters to my branch staff, who contacted chase. To the extent the bank staff had consistently inquired from chase why my acct was being closed and she was consistently told to stay out of it. On Friday May 6, 2022, at 4:13pm chase staff [Alfredo] called me and stated that these are two separate deposits, and that he will get back to me within 5-10 days. On Monday 9, 2022, at 11:42am Alfredo again called me saying the $40,000 was processed, and that the $149,900, was processed and as he was proceeding to tell me what he was going to do next – he told me to hold on and there after he cut the line. On Monday May 16, 2022, at 5:40pm, Alfredo again called me that he has been checking the departments and that the department that handled it, is closed, because the case is over one year. And that the bank only keep records for a year. I repeated what he told me on Monday May 9, 2022, he then said he called me by mistake. I told him he’s a liar, that now he’s lying. That, this is fleecing and embezzlement by chase bank. Now, it is very obvious that chase bank closed my account to mis-appropriate and keep the funds. Please your assistant is highly needed. There was $34,535.27, when chase closed my acct; chase issued me a check for $9002.27. But stated Debit DDA – Check Charge, that it gave me $34,535.27

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