Citibank Complaint

Citibank Complaint

What Citibank did:
I signed up for the Citi Premier, mainly for the 80k signup offer. The card arrived a month late, leaving only 2 months, and not the expected 3 months to meet the spending requirement. When it was nearing the initial deadline I called and sought to see if there could be an extension due to the circumstances. The rep initially stated they wouldn’t be able to, but after hearing about the delay in receiving the card, they stated they would be able to do so. About a week and a half later I called to check in and see if I had met the spend bonus( the animation inside the app had disappeared after the initial deadline), that rep stated that I had, and that I would be receiving the bonus. I called again around the last week of April and asked when the points would be posted, the rep confirmed that the bonus would be sent to me, and that it should be posted soon, I believe he stated the 15th of May.

But when I called in yesterday, the rep I spoke to stated that there never was any extension, they don’t offer any such thing, and he’s not sure why the reps stated as such. How is it possible that 3 different employees were going along with this ‘seemingly’ made up extension, or why is this final employee not finding this information.

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