Santander Bank Complaint

Santander Bank Complaint

What Santander Bank did:
I have a loan open with Santander and my first payment is coming up in 2 day. Since I opened my loan about a month ago i have been trying to get information on how to pay the loan, how much i need to pay and when i need to pay. I was not given an information for the loan other than what was shown on the online application as i was filling it out. I have been told by customer service on the phone to speak with a branch to get this info and when i go to a branch they tell me to speak with customer service. I just want to make my loan payment so I don’t default but they’re making it impossible to do this. I dont understand why they will not let me pay my loan. They keep telling me in order to pay my loan I need to have a bank account with them. I even attempted to go back to the branch today and said they dont have time to open a bank account for me that I should call customer service an they can set it up for me. I called customer service only to be told they can’t setup bank account over the phone that i need to go to the branch. I don’t know what to do to pay my loan and the is due 2 days for this complaint. Don’t even let me get into the craziness that went on when i was trying to close my loan. If i speak to someone I have a lot more to add to this.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Massachusetts | Read more Santander Bank complaints

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