Uber eats Complaint

Uber eats Complaint

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Good day I ordered a meal and listen I am a student I don’t have much money so the little money is also important to me. I ordered a pizza and a drink on my card and when I ordered it the restaurant accepted my order then took my payment. A minute later they tell me that my pizza is out of stock and the only thing they can deliver is the drink. Now they don’t want to refund me my money for the pizza but how is it my fault that the restaurant accepted my order knowing they don’t have any more stock? I tried speaking to a consultant and honestly they don’t take me serious. It really hurts me because that money is for my transport this week now I’ve had to walk to school and I stay far from it, how can a company like Uber eats do this? I have proof with images, my invoice for the situation, please help me. Not seeking for compensation but just equality to the less privileged

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Armed Forces | Read more Uber eats complaints

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