Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
First they send false advertisement stating that me and my dad and I can get 200 $ if he got me referral so we did used the referral code they text him never got it first because it wasn’t applied ,then because it to be inspected and lastly because I don’t qualify for it because my type of account , is a “friend referral to sing up” and after I got it I got issues with the door bell never worked so I call vivint ask for help they said without even being in my home that I had some type of wiring problem I hired a electrician myself he just changed my transformer door bell still not turning on , so I call vivint to come and exchange the unit I ask if I was gonna be charge for it they said no so I agree for the tech to come this man came to my home around 9 running around my home not knowing what he was doing to just to tell me I got a shortage I didn’t have electricity Going to my door bell all kind ls of lame excuses my home Is fairly new was built in 2012 I said so he just recommended to call back the electrician by this I’m frustrated they supposedly are experts at this . I call back my electrical company so they can check the whole electrical grid , no problems were found so I call back vivint again and told them to come and exchange the unit ask again if they were gonna charged me for it they said no and ask this time to send a real tech and ask if he was an electrician they said they can’t discuss he’s occupation with me, the other tech came in a timely manner and in a company truck this time and told me the las guy they made a mess he clumped up all the cables on my chime box causing my transformer to burn and electricity to just circle around, at this point I was already frustrated so he did a bypass and exchange the doorbell , now they are charging me for the tech that came made a whole mess in my home ,their excuse is that my account does qualify for technicians either I told them I need my account on hold until this matter is resolved I called them for a whole month trying to get this fake charges and referral situated all they have told are lies and wait every single time I call they drop my call from one department to the next for hours just to end up telling that is under investigation , to call next Monday next Monday comes and they just go and investigate some more because they didn’t last week and that’s how is been for the whole month of May

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