La Fitness employees Complaint

La Fitness employees Complaint

What La Fitness employees did:
I was disrespected and discriminated for the fact of favoritism act by an asst. training guy how misrepresent him self as operation general manager to ask me to get out from jacuzzi to allowed some girls to make video recording by singing and dancing in the state jacuzzi. At the same time I was insulted by 3 others ( 2 kids &1 adult) that choice to harm me in lock room then followed me out for physical fayting . I called the police for the reason that I was unsafe in the facility, then I addressed the issue to the real manager . But I was approached by an other tall build man to ask me while waiting for the authorities to arrive, then asked : give your ID , I refuse to handle him my personal ID ,then he state : if you don’t I will trespass you from the club . I asked how are you ,what is you name ,what kind fort title or position allowed you to request my ID? I found out his name later ( MaX )
Then he said I m the Vice President of the club . And you will be rejected from.
It was Friday ,I wait until next following days Monday then I made my complaint to the cooperates: I did give all my statement via phone to SARA ,she did give the reference # , but she never follow up with me ,I remember that she said she will call me back ,but did happen.
As respectful member ,with dignity, also as civilian citizen I do have my rights,and all my ringed to be respected. Today I called the same cooperate number to see what’s the up date of my complaint, I wa surprise by and other wrongdoing of one of the G.M (Danny) in front of the operation MGr. ( matey) . That Mr Danny says while I m talking the Katey , I don’t have not time for , I did give time that you don’t deserve.
This is is huge mistake general manager can say .while managing place like this and spell wrong saying .
Please I m sending this complaint to how it my concern , and need some responsible person to give this matter a very important attention
And I will wait to see , before I will sick for legal action
Thank you
All this happened in ,port st lucie Florida 34983

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