LG&E KU Bad Customer Support

LG&E KU Bad Customer Support

What LG&E KU did:
They have over charges me for months. Claimed it was due to a “defaulted meter” and now claiming they replaced the old one but they didn’t. My neighbor got a new one but I still have the same one from 20+ years ago so they said once the replaced it they “adjusted the bills because I was undercharged) but how would they know that if the meter was broke? Don’t make much since. Then they put me in a payment arrangement for it and screwed it up on when it was supposed to start so I didn’t have it put in to my budget for this month and I called and she told me to pay 211.00 before 7pm meanwhile she kept repeating it 500 times when it was 6:30 and told me to call back to make a arrangement with the other Part of the bill and to go to Kroger to pay it because the office closes at 7 pm even tho they tell u that you have until 7:00 pm to pay it (can’t even do a money order before that time and put it in the drop box ) but how did they expect to pay it when they are to lazy to stay a extra 2 hours until the end of the payment dead line and krogers machine was down so then I payed it at 5 am because I couldn’t do anything else and it wasn’t my fault and thwy still shut my electric off and now making me pay 200 plus reconnect fees. How is this fair ?

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Compensation (my money) for all this hassle 24/7. And to get their systems in check and stop over charging me.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Kentucky | Read more LG&E KU complaints

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