Santander Consumer USA Complaint

Santander Consumer USA Complaint

What Santander Consumer USA did:
I am a 70 yr old widow. I am raising my deceased sons 2 young boys. I live on social security only. I purchased a car at Toyota one month before Covid hit. My credit score was good (780). My son was involved in a car accident which totalled his car. His credit score wasn’t as good due to his ex wife .I was going to co-sign for him however it ended up I was the owner on the loan. SANTANDER CONSUMER USA!!! Never heard of them. A month after getting the loan COVID HIT. He was late maybe 4 times during a year. They tagged on lots of late fees &extra fees I’m not sure about, just compounding the issue. There was NO MERCY from them during covid. It affected my credit score big time. Just this month my score went down by 48 points. I pay my car payment on time and have had NO LATE payments on any bills just SANTANDER. More importantly I am in poor health. I have suffered a stroke, have HBP, 100% blocked carotid artery and suffer from migraines. My Dr .said I need to avoid stress or I am going to suffer another stroke. I have gotten text messages. emails, phone messages daily for 2 years. I have saved them all. In TEXAS it is against the law for bill collectors to make harassing phone calls or text messages. I have received letters ,just got another one today saying they are going to repossess the car by Jun 8 2022 if he doesn’t pay the $1,510.54 which is ALL LATE FEES from during covid. I suffer from insomnia and can’t get sleep over this. SANTANDER is slowly killing me. They are getting their payments so if they want to repossess the car and sell at auction like they constantly threaten then let them because they won’t get any $$$ from their loss as I won’t have it. I have purchased many cars over the past 50 years of my life ,was never default or late on any of them. I’m at the end of my rope. Sign me grieving for my son who died at age 33 and trying to live a stress free life for my grandsons. Someone please help!!

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