Santander Consumer USA Complaint

Santander Consumer USA Complaint

What Santander Consumer USA did:
I purchased a 2014 Jeep compass in February 2019.
I am on SSI and @ the time my income was $535..00 monthly.
The purchase price should have been $9000.00 bottom line. I put $1500.00 cash down so loan would have been $7500.
After reviewing papers the loan was for $8995.00 and at 29% interest. I was told it could be refinanced in 6 months for lower interest. Late found out they do not refinance.
Income $535 car payment $323.
I don’t receive any other income or financial assistance and they were aware of that. I kept up with payments good until I couldn’t. I was called everyday at home and on cell by dfferent personal multiple times a day.
They claim to deferred payments but continued to say I was in default because of late fees and radon charges for late payments. Without notice the car was repossessed because of missed payments they claim to defer. I am Without question a subprime loan and was marked by company as such. The story goes on with more details just too much to discuss this way . As per multi state lawsuit including Georgia my loan should have been forgiven and returned my money and title to car. Now they tell me a Jeep compass was not A car on their list. Do Not know what they meant by that. Horrible treatment and belittling by Santander- humiliation and embarrassment is what I received from them. The car was auctioned and I still have balance of $3000 or more . I paid on the car for over 2.5 years and payoff was over $8000

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