Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
During the sales May 25th when a sales person of Vivint came to our house to discuss their product. After hours of talking to him, he convinced us to switch to Vivint. He promised that Vivint will buyout the ADT and promised that we only had to pay about $112 that same day for everything (after his discount). At 11PM after they installed part of the equipment (since they couldn’t install it all at same day since it’s raining outside) we told them they can come back tomorrow to finish up. At 11PM when I checked – $1,571.12 and $53.54 was deducted from my bank account. I called immediately the person we talked to and he said “there was a glitch in their system”
I called the next morning, transferred to different departments until I talked to the lady from Loyalty Department to cancel, she promised to fix the issue by downgrading my kit and refund me $1280 to the card I used in my account within 3-5 business days. I told her that was my rent money and I needed it before June 5th. And she said she understood and asked me if I want it refunded to my debit card used in my account or mail a check (7-10 business days) of course I picked the card that was used. While all this is going on, it’s also been 3 days since our equipments were not completely installed because the guys that were supposed to install it did not show up for 2 days. I had to call Vivint again to escalate this process since we had only 3 free trial days. They finally installed it on the evening of May 27th. 3 guys were very unprofessional inside our house, they spent more time laughing and joking at each other than doing their job. June 1st, I called to ask for the sales department to give them the invoice I got from ADT, they promised to send an email for me to fill it out. The email never came. I also asked where my refund would be, she said it’s in the process, she can see it that it’s processing to my account. June 4th, I got an email that my refund went to the credit line Fortiva instead of my bank account. The non-transparency and lies of this company is beyond me. There is no sense of urgency to fix problems for their customers. I called the customer service department, spoke with the manager Jorge. He said he could not give me the direct line or phone number of loyalty department without their permission. Now, it’s Saturday and other departments are closed. They want me to call the same number on Monday to ask to be directed to Loyalty to fix this issue. The system sucks. Now, I can not cancel without paying the amount since it’s after 3 day trial. It is frustrating that they are making promises without fulfilling them. They are not transparent from the beginning. The amount of time I spent calling them has been nothing but frustrating on my end.

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