Brinks Home Security Complaint

Brinks Home Security Complaint

What Brinks Home Security did:
Was with Brinks home Security when Spectrum no longer did home security they told me my price of $34 would stay the same my bill is $44.60 they kept telling me to sign a contract and my price would stay the same I was leary because my alarm went over several times because we used the stay alarm code alot and a few times we set it on away in error and when we got up and walked downstairs it went off this happened twice and they never called me, I finally called them and asked why the girl had no reason why they would not have called, it happened recently and again they never called, so after several months of getting this request in the mail I signed the contract but the bill still went up, at the time I signed it I did not know we would sell our home, I work for a utility company and any contract you sign it null and voided when you sell your home they would not force me to pay someone else’s utilty bill, the girl tried to scam me into getting a family member who we are moving in with to change their alarm company or have the people who bought my house put the alarm company in their name I honestly don’t believe they monitor my home since they have never called once when my alarm when off, when I asked who governs you she had no ideas she then told me that if I don’t pay my bill my credit will go bad, I told her to cancel my service she said she would send me a contract by email I never got it ,

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