Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
We signed up with Vivient in July, 2020 for security system. We told the sales rep that we were not very good with technology, but he assured us it was simple. After installing the system and being shown how it works, we had problems in making it work. They showed us a gain, and had same problems. Basically, we have not even had it on more than a few days in the almost 2 years we have had it. Also, there is a sensor on our back porch which continues to malfunction, and when it does, it makes an annoying noise which we don’t know how to make it stop. This has happened probably 20 times. We called them at the beginning, but then just gave up. Today, the noise came on again, and we decided it was time to cancel the contract. It was our understanding when we talked to rep that we had right to cancel and not owe anything. I recall he said that we would have to pay for the equipment, and I think he said that would be done in around 3 years. So when we called today to attempt to cancel, we expected we might owe a few hundred dollars to be done with this, but we were told equipment not paid for until 3 more years. To pay it off now and get out of contract would cost $1,526.40 to the bank to pay off the loan for the equipment. So basically, my understanding now is they will let us out of our payments to Vivient, but not until we pay off the equipment. There is no way the rep told us that it took 5 years to pay for the equipment, or we would never had done this. We looked for our contract and could not find it. My husband is very organized and thinks we never got one. So I called Vivient and asked them to send me the contract. They finally e-mailed it to me, and when I looked on the contract, the signature on the contract is clearly not my husband’s signature. So called Vivient back to tell them this. They referred me to some department about unverified signatures, and I am awaiting a phone call. Now, I have researched online and seen many complaints about this company. Even seeing complaints where they continue to charge you after the 5 year contract is up. We want to be done with them. We have not been able to use their services, the sensor problem continues to happen and is very annoying, and we just don’t want their services any more. We feel like their rep did not honestly explain that we would be stuck in this for 5 years, even though he told us he was waiving cancellation fees.

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