Charter Spectrum Unauthorized Robocalls

Charter Spectrum Unauthorized Robocalls

What Charter Spectrum did:
They won’t stop calling. They use local looking numbers, if you don’t answer and try to call the number back, it states it is disconnected. If you choose 9 to have your name removed, they still keep calling under a different number. This last call I received 06.09.22 from ***-***-****, I chose 9 to have my name removed, instead it connected me to customer service. I told him to remove me, he asked “Why?”, I told him I didn’t have Spectrum, never had Spectrum, and couldn’t get Spectrum in my area and to remove me and stop calling. He asked “What do you have?” and I said “It doesn’t matter, remove my name and stop calling.” He said, “No.” So I told him that I was filing a formal complaint.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Stop calling and remove my name. If you give someone the option to press 9 and be removed from the call list, and they choose 9, then STOP calling and REMOVE them. To keep harassing someone with calls will not draw business in!

Submitted by: Anonymous in North Carolina | Read more Charter Spectrum complaints

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