Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
So when I set up Vivint in march of 2015 I called the 1800 number and the sales rep they connected me too was an outside sales rep for ACN and so my account is a ACN account partnered threw Vivint, I just found out today because the sale rep I was set up with, I don’t get referral codes to referral people because of the type of account I have. I was never told I was getting set up with another channel company as I called vivint directly. They can not modify my account they said because the way it was set up so now I’m losing benifits and be transferred when I call cause only certain people can touch ACN account when’s the whole time I thought I’m a Vivint original customer. I need help filing a suit against Vivint because they can not pick and choose who’s an actual Vivint customer or send not let us know who we are actually setting 2-3 year contracts with then at the end get screwed over on promotions or discounts because we don’t a real Vivint account if that makes any sense.

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