Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
When we signed up for Vivint, our sales rep, Kade *****, told us that we were able to cancel our subscription with Vivint at any time. He also stated that we would be able to call and cancel any devices that we didn’t like or didn’t use at any time. Fast forward, I call to cancel because we really don’t need it anymore, and were told that in order to cancel you had to pay off all of the equipment, which is $4,000. So I asked if we could just keep a couple things that we use and they stated that once it’s installed, they can no longer take anything back. I also wasn’t aware that there was an open line of credit in my name. Overall not happy with Vivint or Kade *****. Not to mention, Kade also mentioned if we had any problem to call or text him directly which I have about 10-20 times, and he doesn’t respond or call back.

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