Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

What Vivint did:
I signed up for Vivint Smart Home on Friday June 18th. I was told it would be $145/month split between credit payments for the equipment and the actual service given each month. After 3 hours of phone calls with the sales people and having the install technician at my home during this time…they finally got it figured out on my contract agreement. The sales manager reviewed the agreement with me that would cost $145/month before I signed. Once I signed, they sent an email copy of the agreement. Only this time, it was for service of $74.99 per month, and says I will owe $4,588.20 for all the equipment up front. I’m not another 1.5 hours into trying to cancel with them completely. They sent me an agreement that was esigned with my name on it but I never saw or signed that document as I would never pay $4,588.20 up from for a security system. The sales manager says he’s only seen this happen like once in the last 5 years. Customer service says this happens sometimes and Vivint always makes sure to take care of their customers. I was sent 4 different agreement by them today and all had different pricing and I only signed one that went through. Just Shady stuff going on here.

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